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Karat is the Unit Used to measure gold purity after mentioning color we will explain about the color difference later on. The higher measure of purity is 24Karat which means that its pure gold (99.9 Percent ) without the mix of any other material 24 K considered to be too soft for jewelery , higher forms of  25K or 26K  could exist but they are not suitable for regular jewlery , However the purer the gold is the most expensive in price.

22 Karat gold (91.7% Gold ) is still soft but is famous in guif and middle east area , not used widely in the west

18 Karat Gold ( 75 % Gold ) popular for jewelry , 14 Karat Gold ( 58.3% Gold ) very popular for Jewelry cosidred to hold great value for long term use

14 Karat Gold is most suitable for modern type of jewelry and very popular in diamond works, lower karats like 12 Karat Gold ( 50% Gold ) , 10 karat ( 41.7 % gold ) are not used for Jewelery 

There is  9 Karat gold and its used for dental purposes, here is a simple chart of purities of gold vrs other metal added 


Gold Color White, Yellow and Rose

Remember talking about adding alloy metal to pure gold for strength , as pure gold is so soft to hold jewelries, so the types of metal added will determine the color of the golden result as well : all these alloys are human made so pure white gold or yellow gold or even rose gold doesn't exist

Alloy Metal names used for White Gold : a specific percentages of  copper , nickel, zinc and silver. is used , sometimes palladium or platinum alloy is used for white gold as well.

Alloy Metal names used for Yellow Gold : a specific percentage of copper and fine silver are used

Alloy Metal names used for Rose Gold : a specific percentage of copper and fine silver are used with higher mixture content of copper .


I hope this will answer your kind questions

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