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Diamond Guidance and Education

Diamond Education : 


Ritoot Customer Service will be happy to provide additional information about the charactaristics of each diamond model we sell : 

Additionally we are more happy to provide a general explanation that will assist our customers determine the value and quality of each diamond piece : 

 Diamond can be identified as pure or crystallized hard form of pressed carbon , naturally crystallized in the isometric system. when making a decision to buy a engagement ring , wedding band or other diamond jeweleries ( diamond necklaces , diamond earrings ) you should get to know the levels of quality and the measures used to determine the correct selection for your investment as a buyer




Diamond Character's

Diamond Quality determination, We do stand behind these values for quality , and guarantee original products for our customers


Well cut diamond will show more brilliance.

More deepen and better cut will result in deaper reflection of light and sparkle


Diamond Cut Ritoot.com



Highest quality diamonds are more colorless.

Grade factor that determins if any blemishes or flaws exist on surface or inside a diamond.ritoot-diamond-clarity


Ideal diamond has no color or shade. but fancy colored diamond are possible

identically but not in reality the perfect diamond has no color or shade.



Most common term in measuring diamond weight. larger diamonds are rarely found

Not to be confused with "Karat" gold weight measure unit. Larger carat diamonds are more valuable


The 5th C/cs that is important as other 4C's.

Its Statement report issued by professional after evaluating the 4C's mentioned previously.


Name discribes the cut's style.

Most popular shape cut is round brilliant cut and they are more valuable than other shapes.


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