Ruffled Dresses fascinating style worth trending back

Ruffled dresses is back as a trend for 2017 , I remember that same trend came for one year only back in 1996 or 1997 as sleeve ruffle around the wrest :))) , nah don’t guess how old I’m cause I loved fashion at that time before my 15 years birthday so go ahead and figure :)))).

What I do remember that I had to cut that ruffle from the dresses’ arm by that next year , as the trend was just off 🙂

Lets leave history of ruffles back to 2016 when we had this famous dress from Terani ordered so many times for Prom ladies it run out of stock I think it was style 1611P1369 this shows the start of the new ruffle season 2017 I notice this trend is coming back strongly as a new fashionable look for prom dresses this year , the famous style is pictured below :

ruffled dresses

Shopping for this trend as a Prom look , just typing ruffled on missesdressy dot com

We note the trending happy fashionable ruffled dresses as tails or around the skirt , in hi low dresses cut , with the peaplum look


this Ruffle selection from Elizabeth K , will discuss this wonderful making affordable looks some time


Terani work of styling is really amazing , I can tell many inspiration is involved here



I can’t leave this Angle looking young lady without a comment , all dresses featured tulle fabrics , Mikado and Satin Shiny looks with beaded to show more glamour to your lovely event




Before getting late in my shift 🙂 enjoy this weekly blog having all trends and quality designer’s mentioned , for stock checking on any of these and other evening , wedding cocktail dresses that we do carry please find me during NY business hours starting from 9 AM usually till 3 PM this is my direct phone 1-718-310-3020 leave a message and I will be happy to get back to you



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