Aqua Leo Jewelry an Armenian Fine Jewelry Brand

Hello, This week Ritoot is welcoming a new Armenian fine jewelry Aqua Leo Jewelry Brand , coming from Syria Mr. Levon established his brand in Armenian  city of Yerevan .

You can find the designer listed in the drop down menu on far left or Ritoot Designer tab

keeping the heritage of fine Armenian jewelry making over centuries Mr. Levon was inspired by middle eastern shapes and styles added to his designs using zircon as diamond replacements and introducing more affordable priced items , shopping the link above we can find that emerald sets are intorduce , this set could come in Yellow or white gold 14K or 18 K it can be special ordered and ship within 2 weeks processing.

Armenian Fine Jewelry

This design carries an inspiration of middle east shapes and colors showing above , looking more in sets and designs lets take a look at this White gold zircon square shaped black earrings and pendant

This goes well with a black dress taking to perfection all tiny details with zircon rocks it could be very nice gift if you love this color contact us if you love to replace the black color with other cosmetic rocks possible.

Here is another yellow gold 14 K set

to complete the set a white ring yellow gold is introduced

Looking through Aqua Leo Jewelry collection is a journey through parts of middle east and specially Syria so enjoy the ride with Ritoot and reveal all this inspiration , ladies and gentlemen lost Syria returning in the hands of a jewelry maker

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