Nue Shani ‘s dresses cureve shaping sexy look

Hi Ladies ,

Enjoy wearing nue shani ‘s collection , I love the wonderful looking dress that support your shaped curves a brand that all curvy ladies should consider , most of our ladies buying these dress are for specific day time look , Nue Shani ‘s lace dresses are  wonderful too for great evening look.

I love explaining each brand looks and why its attacks my attention while viewing the list of dresses designers.

Through using different shape colors with some dresses Nue Shani had creating a trend that still styling till today shaping the curves today. shopping this link below we find wonderful styles worth to buy .

With convenient silhouette with comfortable shape control for your waist and hips , special hemming that doesn’t let the lining show .

These previous features are special features that only Shani has in her collection , we hope for new fascinating fashion collections and more impressive work I hope that she will keep up this work and introduce new lines as the designer has distinguished talent.


nue shani


Nue Shani Featuring this enhancing fabric , checking out this fascinating look the dress is lined properly you can never see .


Lacy dresses can be nice for a great evening look , lace shaping arm style

This Short Greek look has a unique style with build in belt and curved shaping neckline

I adore this black fancy looking dress with peplum cut , the same dress has another version with a sleeves on. This dress can go fancy with a black clutch for all black looking night




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