modest fashion dresses can still make you look trendy with dress code in mind

Hello ladies and welcome today to my blog I will talk about modest fashion dresses , according to the ladie preferences or even with a dress code to follow modest fashion dresses is a steady fashionable style that every designer should consider when thinking about strapless or short mini’s , or whenever evening or formal designs are sketched we need to find modest dresses .

However in case a dress code is not a must dressing doesn’t have an age 🙂 , so this is for all mother of brides and mother of grooms : if you feel like a strapless or one shoulder dress with a shawl on or a jacket it will still make you look fantastic .

Speaking about colors I just  stay away from brown or mocha shades even if the style cut is okay , the color will make the lady looking older and less excited to the happy event, maybe its just my feeling , but the brown color can do worse than a black does to the overall look in case of a uni-color style.


I would like to invite you shopping the link below :,74&s=na&im=c-74,65&page=2

The latest arrivals for modest dresses 2017 I can select these styles : Daymor couture features this soft crystal colored dress for a modest evening look:




modest fashion dresses

affordable chiffon dress by Elizabeth K

GL1409d Elizabeth


Janique luxury dress style in plum


7516B Janique

Strapped dress with a lace jacket on from Nina canacci

m224 Nina Canacci

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